Abandoned cars in Hovland
Hovland, Minnesota, is a town of 80 people located about 20 miles south of the Canadian border on Lake Superior. When it was settled by Scandinavian fishermen at the end of the 19th century, there were no roads so goods, mail, and visitors arrived by boat at the massive pier in Chicago Bay. The town would not see a road until the 1930s.

We took a day trip from Grand Marais, searching for the above house, which I shot in 2000 with a film camera because that was all I had then. Hard to imagine. Couldn’t find the house and I’m afraid it’s been torn down because it was uninhabited and on a beautiful piece of lakeshore property.

From the book The Scandinavian Riviera, or, Hovland, Minnesota by Philip J. Anderson:
In the 1890s, a non-Scandinavian editor of the newspaper in Grand Marais, A. DeLacy Wood, often walked the eighteen miles to Hovland to enjoy its hospitality and warm community spirit; he soon purchased property in Big Bay. In the July 15, 1893, issue of the Cook County Herald, he wrote at length about the supper and dance at the town hall with the Hovland string band (John Eliasen was known countywide for his fiddling), jig dancing, songs in Norwegian, and harmonica solos.

Hovland dock
Hovland dock

Rocks in Lake Superior
Girl taking photo with dog
Dog paws with camera

Lupine flowers
Abandoned truck and cabin in the woods
North woods waterfall