Just before Christmas, I heard Cesar Kuriyama’s TED talk about who to create a video diary with his 1 Second Everyday app. It is so simple—upload one second of video every day into the app’s calendar and it creates a video diary for you.

This summer, I’d thought about beginning a Portland Field Report (the Field Report was originally my weekly video diary from Berlin). Unfortunately, the process of making that was fairly all-consuming and it became clear pretty quickly that a Field Report—at least in that format—wasn’t going to be possible right now.

But this 1 Second Everyday app? I’ve been at it for a couple weeks and it is really doable. I also love that it lets you export a date range, so maybe I will post each month as I go.

You can download the app, read more about it and Cesar, and see his TED talk on the website 1secondeveryday.com!