Building by Oliver Jeffers

July 15, 2012In the Field

Illustrator Oliver Jeffers nabbed these objects out of an abandoned building in Belfast and embellished them with a few extra bells and whistles. It was all part of a collaborative project with the OAR art collective, who were granted access to the city’s old power station before its renovation. Other projects based on the building and its … Read More

Pinboard: Lake Superior

July 12, 2012In the Field

Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes. Its cold waters are deep and clear. The summer air at the lake is cool and fresh and smells like the boreal forest that borders its shoreline. While the air alone is worth the trip, an excursion north also offers quiet rocky beaches, bonfires on the … Read More


July 4, 2012In the Field

Happy Fourth of July everybody! This is a day when I think a lot about home and what the 4th traditionally meant to me, which is all about being up at the lake. Grilling, suits and towels drying on the line, and getting together with friends and community. 1) Bottle caps from local soda makers. 2) … Read More


July 2, 2012In the Field

This little number has our names written all over it. ᔥ Cold Splinters One of these, please…and an ocean to test it in. ᔥ Swiss Miss I keep squirreling away the ice cream recipes, but have yet to try one. We made this one yesterday with tiny and delicious German strawberries. Pretty wonderful interior redo of … Read More

The First 70

June 30, 2012In the Field

During our time on the road in California, we experienced the sad state of California’s park system; the state is in the process of permanently closing one quarter of its parks. The First 70 is a documentary by three people (traveling in a converted airport shuttle bus powered by veggie oil) who wanted to see the parks before … Read More


June 26, 2012In the Field

I’ve been wanting to do a regular link post for some time now. I hope it will motivate me to pick up the shiny things I find every day and organize them in some fashion. And in doing so, I hope you can enjoy them, too! So without further ado… The Curator’s Code is an … Read More

In the Field

June 8, 2012In the Field

1) Joshua Tree 2) 8mm Movie Camera 3) Billie Rollup 4) Lunch Box  5) Harris Tweed Angus iPad Sleeve 6) Field Shoes 7) Vintage Wool Blanket 8) Teardrop Camper 9) 1950 Composition Book I was a little late to the pinning game, but now that I’ve started I wonder what the delay was. So today I bring you my In the Field … Read More