Ford Parkway
For the past year, I’ve been working on a project that’s been quite a departure for me—and now I can say that it is done!

I set out to take something of a visual survey of a wide range of landscapes in Minnesota. My intention was to work outdoors, pare my materials down, and just get back to basics. What I discovered is that working with limited color palettes, working on a small scale, and working almost exclusively from observation was exactly what I needed to do. I wish I could say at the end of this time that I found myself to be a big fan of working outdoors…but I’m not.

What I ended up with was a collection of small paintings and drawings. A selection are presented digitally on This is something that, as a blogger, seems like no big deal. But this work is part of my studio practice, which has always been pretty traditional—original works on canvas. So I’m super excited at this departure, which did produce some pretty satisfying originals (like that sketchbook below) but that presents them in a digital format.

There will also be a printed piece to go along with the project. You can email if you are interested in more info/purchasing when it’s available.

Nicollet Island watercolor map Sketchbook