I wish that I could file this one under “Things I Will Miss.” Unfortunately, it left before I did.

The Jazz Image was a radio show, broadcast every Saturday night on Minneapolis Public Radio. It had a spectacular run decades long. Leigh Kammond, the host, kept different hours over the years. The show used to go on at 9pm and run until about 2am. I went about so many Saturday nights at different points in my life with the Jazz Image running in the background.

The theme music is hypnotizing. And comforting. When I hear it, I feel instantly at home; it sounds like Minneapolis. Years ago he used to talk about the weather in his introduction. There would be a blizzard going on outside or a particularly succulent summer breeze blowing and he would narrate it for you, accompanied by that music. If you could get your hands on all of those years of recordings you would have a real taste of the city every Saturday night for years and years and years.