Home Again

April 17, 2012Berlin, Travel, Travel Topics

A couple of you have written to ask…what happened to us. Where are we? What’s going on? We are in Berlin, folks—thank you for your hellos and for checking in on us! We’ve been back a little over a week. That trip was fun, but it was exhausting. Moving around all the time and trying … Read More

Theron and Maddie

March 23, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

I’d been following @thiswildidea on Instagram for a few weeks by the time we left Austin and started heading north. You might be familiar with Theron and his work via his coonhound, Maddie, of maddieonthings.com. I could tell via his photos that they were in the same part of the country as we were, heading … Read More

San Soloman Springs

March 14, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

An attempt to get back on track here: San Soloman Springs, Texas. A 77,053 sq ft (7100 square meter) spring-fed swimming pool in the middle of nowhere. We had it all to ourselves.


February 27, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

I had a small panic attack at the end of last week when I realized it was Friday. How could the week be done already and what did I have to show for it? Well, a respectable amount, actually. I think my feelings had more to do with all of the things I didn’t get … Read More

Upstairs at the Mansion and a post on Instagram

February 23, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

We were playing it loose on day two in Terlingua—not really sure if we would stay or go or if we stayed, where we would stay. Then came an email from Kaci at Upstairs at the Mansion letting us know that she had an unexpected vacancy in her half-dilapitated 1909 boutique desert hotel. We went … Read More


February 21, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

Nice news arrived over the weekend: one of my photos was featured on the Instagram blog. So a big thank you goes out to Instagram for the feature and a big boost in the number of people following the Field Office on our adventures. It was an all-around fantastic weekend. We started at Marfa’s food … Read More

Big Skies

February 17, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

Yesterday we made a quick trip to Alpine under majestic skies. Didn’t actually go into the Dollar Store—rather our heads did a synchronized turn as we drove by, resulting a a break-slam and turn around maneuver. Today we head to Terlingua and Marathon because the house is rented out for the weekend. At this point … Read More


February 16, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

I’ve had a couple of slow realizations. They started the other day on our trip south of town when I saw the quiet contradiction of space in these parts: the horizon is huge and empty and the feeling of space is profound, but look closely and you realize that this tiny ribbon of road is … Read More

South of town

February 14, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

Yesterday: a little field trip to the library and then a spontaneous excursion further afield on highway 67, which heads south out of town. If you are up for just an hour’s drive, you could take it all the way to Mexico. Needless to say, we were not up for that drive. Also we barely … Read More

Marfa Field Office

February 8, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

Settling in. We’ve opted out of working in the “studio” room and moved operations into the dining room. Now we have a window to look out of while we work away…and that is key.

The road to Marfa

February 7, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

We pulled the car over. On one side of the empty road, the moon had risen above the mountains; on the other side, the sun had just a few minutes before it sunk below the horizon. In between was a tiny, storefront building. Its windows glowed, displaying a small assortment of shoes and handbags. We … Read More