Rabbit Island

August 16, 2013Place

This tiny island in Lake Superior is home to an artist residency and research station.

Hammershøi Light

March 17, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

My touchstone for defining lack of sunshine was always the Pacific Northwest, but places like Portland and Seattle get more sun on average than Berlin. I know. The paintings of the Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi do a lovely job at capturing the winter light in this region; always experienced indoors, it is quiet and diffused. … Read More

Wooden Churches by Richard Davies

February 8, 2013Place

Richard Davies began photographing wooden churches in northern Russia in 2002. The structures, some of which date back to the 16th century, have mostly been abandoned. As he writes on his website, many of those in the project are no longer standing due to neglect and vandalism. The website for the project includes more images … Read More

Alec Soth: Summer Nights at the Dollar Tree

November 16, 2012Place

Shot in Minneapolis, that freeway scene at the beginning is super close to where I used to live and if a freeway scene can tug at the heart, this one tugs at mine. Showing at the Aperture Gallery in New York City until November 17.

Pieces of Berlin: Opening at Lomography Gallery Store

September 13, 2012Berlin

Long before there was Instagram, photographer Florian Reischauer was roaming the streets, empty lots, abandoned buildings, and apartment blocks of Berlin with his medium format film camera and posting his findings on his blog, Pieces of Berlin. As a collection, the blog truly represents Berlin more than any other I know. His portraits are an … Read More

Mighty Oaks

August 8, 2012Berlin, Creative Time

We had so much fun shooting with the Mighty Oaks the other day. Also the sun came out on cue, I brushed up on my boat maneuvering skills, and nobody went in the drink.

Building by Oliver Jeffers

July 15, 2012Art + Design

Illustrator Oliver Jeffers nabbed these objects out of an abandoned building in Belfast and embellished them with a few extra bells and whistles. It was all part of a collaborative project with the OAR art collective, who were granted access to the city’s old power station before its renovation. Other projects based on the building and its … Read More

Mary Jo Hoffman / Still Blog

June 19, 2012Art + Design

A search for images of Lake Superior led to this beautiful and ongoing project by Mary Jo Hoffman that documents things gathered during daily excursions. I love it that she lists the original location of each item—the harbor in Grand Marais, the side of a highway, the beach in the Bretagne, trails in Saint Paul, … Read More

Turner at Tate Britain

November 13, 2011Travel, Travel Topics

by Rebecca I am a sucker for cloud documentation of any kind, so Turner’s cloud notes really did a number on me: “Half cloud half plain, the lights of the clouds lighter, and the shades darker than the plain part and darker at the top than the bottom. The tint once over in the plain … Read More

Interview with David Plowden

August 16, 2011Art + Design, People

Last night’s The Story interview with photographer David Plowden gets a big recommendation from me. The way he tells the story of his work and career—starting as a boy and ending with his current (maybe) retirement—is fascinating. He radiates a comforting assurance that is not at all arrogant…just warm and humble.

Ulrike Heydenreich

May 2, 2011Creative Time

About a month ago, I translated the text for a leporello about the work of Ulrike Heydenreich, a German artist whose work I love love love (read my translation here). This morning, a package arrived with the final product; a beautifully designed and printed piece. See more of Ulrike Heydenreich’s work at ulrikeheydenreich.com