San Francisco Video Diary

January 19, 2018Places

A weekend in San Francisco: Oysters at the Hog Island Oyster Co, lindy dancing in the park, rainy days in the cottage!

The First 70

June 30, 2012Travel

During our time on the road in California, we experienced the sad state of California’s park system; the state is in the process of permanently closing one quarter of its parks. The First 70 is a documentary by three people (traveling in a converted airport shuttle bus powered by veggie oil) who wanted to see the parks before … Read More

Palm Springs

February 8, 2012Travel, Travel Topics
Ace HotelPalm Springs NOTESDrink & Eat The YARDARM • Beach bar and permanent food truck located near the river in the fabulously weird Garden City. Summer only. PAYETTE BREWING CO • Taproom with floor to ceiling windows that open out onto a large grassy lawn. Picnicking and lounging encouraged. OWYHEE TAVERN • Bar [...]

Outdoor Movie Theater at the Ace Hotel

February 4, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

Our baggage is slowly expanding. When we arrived in London, all we had were two small suitcases and our computer bags. After gaining access to Anthony’s storage in Portland, we filled up the car with all kinds of fun things including an over-sized printer, a box of office and art supplies, and a beamer (er, … Read More