Baby Moccasin Booties

March 26, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

Since the news came that my sister is having a baby, I’ve finally been moved to taking my knitting skills to the next level. I learned the basics in college, but never really got the hang of reading patterns or doing much more than going in a straight line. It took a couple of tries … Read More

Hazel visits

March 21, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

We got to spend a few lovely days with Miss Hazel while Ashley and Andreas were in Spain. Check out the beautiful photos Ashley took of Granada and Malaga while they were gone!

A visit from Hazel

July 16, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

We had the pleasure of watching Miss Hazel while her parents were away the other week. She was a delightful houseguest and such a good little walker on our excursion to Insel der Jugend. She’s still a baby, so there was a lot of snoozing time, too. Everything is better with a creature around! + … Read More


June 12, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

The birds are back! But we are seriously regretting not following through with our plan of putting little hats on them so that we can easily identify who’s who—it’s hard to tell now. This is what I think: the littlest one came back early one morning followed by mom or dad. Had a quick feed … Read More

Pigeon Farewell

June 4, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

There is one last chapter to write in the pigeon book. I saw the littlest Peeper peeking out from the upper balcony the other day. Seems the folks know she’s there, too. But this photo is the last I saw of her and that was a few days ago. Is she still there? Did she … Read More

Empty Nest

May 31, 2012Berlin

Yesterday and today were big days in the pigeon department. Our little lady, pictured here, has just not been interested in leaving the nest. Like, this girl is really content to have the food delivered to her and hang out all day at mom and dad’s. Her big brother made a surprise appearance á la … Read More

Feathered Friends

May 29, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

To my delight, I’ve had a regular visitor to my studio these last couple of weeks: a naughty but charming little bird who flies in and out as he pleases, stealing bread and amusing me to no end. On the other side of the flat, Peeper #1 left the nest for good a few days … Read More

The week in pigeons

May 21, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

The pigeons got their feathers this week and seemed to triple in size. There’s hardly room in the flower pot for three anymore, especially when certain small ones do test flaps with their wings. Two prospective nesters visited the neighborhood (last photo), inspecting the eaves and rooftops—and totally eyeballing Paul and Stevie’s Haus. They’ll have … Read More