There is snow in this picture.

May 6, 2011Places

5th Avenue SE, Minneapolis We checked out a Nice Ride bike for me and rode around to openings all night. It was a warm and sunny day—which is why, when the massive snow pile outside of the Soap Factory was pointed out to me, I was incredulous. That’s it, there in the middle, covered in … Read More

Field Report, Night Birds

April 4, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

Lychener Straße, Berlin The birds that sing at night here make me happy. I’d never known such a bird before I came to Berlin—and I’m still not sure what kind of bird it is…? + If you’ve every tried to get anything of a bureaucratic nature done in Germany (Spain, too, apparently), you’ll certainly relate … Read More

In the evening.

January 28, 2011Travel, Travel Topics

Corner of Kollmarerstraße and Knaackstraße, Berlin. + I might kiss Berlin good-bye forever if this could be mine. (via Nokohaha)

Heidelberg at dusk

December 31, 2010Places

Heidelberg, Germany. + Ontario and other places visualized. (via

Wintertraum Weihnachtsmarkt am Alexa

December 15, 2010Berlin
Christmas Market at Alexa, Berlin It was recommended that I check out this Christmas market and it was a beaut, as promised. My favorite ride name was The Gate of "The Time." + In thinking about how to assess this past year, and what kind of projects I want to do next year, I came [...]

Lichtchen?: Check.

November 27, 2010Berlin

Berlin. Shopping at the outdoor market in the dark; candles burning on the windowsill during the day; smells of wood and coal burning when I’m out and about; early to bed with books or movies; pancakes; flannel sheets. So far so good this winter. But then again, there is no ice on the sidewalks. And … Read More