Berlin Video Diaries Vol. 2

February 23, 2017Berlin, Series

Berlin Video Diaries The series tells the story of the city using compilations of unscripted moments that form a layered portrait of time and place. Volume 1 began in January 2011 and can be viewed here. Title Cards  

Naniboujou Lodge

August 30, 2015Travel

A few days at a remarkably well-preserved 1920s lodge on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Food, Art, and the Paranormal in Marfa, Texas

February 6, 2012Travel

Marfa was the last stop on a five-month journey across the United States. Despite its tiny population (2000 people) and its achingly remote location (far west Texas), it is well-known and visited. Its claims to fame are rooted in the arts and the mysterious—read Donald Judd, the film classic Giant, Prada Marfa by Elmgreen & … Read More