Finding Old Berlin

November 4, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

[ezcol_1third]Finding old Berlin: Photographs and notes about uncovering the lingering past in Berlin’s buildings. From 2008–2013, I made a practice of slipping through the open doors of Berlin’s old buildings whenever I had the chance. The buildings in this project are located in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, which had the dubious distinction at the time of … Read More

Nau Clothing

October 23, 2013Travel, Travel Topics
Nau Clothing In summer 2014, the Nau Clothing invited the Field Office to take over their Instagram feed. Super fun to share those warm weather hikes, paddles, and swims with their audience. Scope Photography Client Nau

Hammershøi Light

March 17, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

My touchstone for defining lack of sunshine was always the Pacific Northwest, but places like Portland and Seattle get more sun on average than Berlin. I know. The paintings of the Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi do a lovely job at capturing the winter light in this region; always experienced indoors, it is quiet and diffused. … Read More

Twelve Blog: Shout

March 15, 2013Creative Time

Cities are in a constant state of change; neighborhoods morph this way and that from safe to crime-infested, from run-down to hip to boring, etc. Berlin as we know it came into being from a unique combination of factors and history, but time has caught up with it and the change is happening at an … Read More


January 10, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

This last week back in Berlin has been rough due to the perpetual darkness, in which the days go by one after the other in a grim gradation somewhere along the lines of . Before we left in December, there was snow. I’m not a big fan of the snow here because it tends to … Read More


January 9, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

We are back in Berlin, trying to adjust our internal clocks in a city that is blanketed in constant darkness. Needless to say, it’s not going that well—today I was wide awake at 3am. Looking forward to checking in here on a more regular basis! I’ve got a backlog of things to share, so let’s … Read More

Berlin Guide: Spreepark Tour

August 5, 2012Berlin

SPREEPARK: A TOUR OF BERLIN’S ABANDONDED AMUSEMENT PARK Spreepark has much in common with the city of Berlin itself—a complicated history that allows past and present to co-exist in visually striking ways and a growing popularity that will probably be its undoing Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in the heart of Berlin, is the city’s … Read More

Berlin Guide: Wood fired pizza in the Mauerpark

July 23, 2012Berlin

If there are any secrets left at the Mauerpark, they would be the Dinnele food stand and the Schönwetter beer garden, both hidden inside the park’s flea market. Dinnele are a south German specialty—similar to wood fired pizza—but made with whole grain dough and topped with a creamy layer of Schmand and your choice of … Read More

Berlin Guide: Insel der Jugend

July 11, 2012Berlin

We’ve been trying to make a habit of spending more time on the water, especially on the few days when it actually feels like summer in Berlin. When we walked over the high footbridge from Treptower Park onto Insel der Jugend, it was a warm Sunday and there were people everywhere, including on the water. … Read More

Euro 2012

July 2, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

We had high hopes for Thursday’s game against Italy, but it didn’t work out. Ah well. More important is the ritual of watching the football/soccer matches in Germany: outdoors with many strangers on summer nights when daylight stretches to 10pm. Beer gardens, restaurants, bars—even convenience stores—all put tables and chairs on the sidewalks and hook … Read More

Berlin Guide: Treptower Park

June 26, 2012Berlin

by Anthony Treptower Park is a bit out of the way from Field Office HQ, but our good friend and self professed русские-o-phile Micheal was in town recently so we decided to visit to the Soviet memorial there. It seemed like a suitable adventure, and we are always up for an adventure! Now for a … Read More