Happy New Year!

January 2, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

Happy New Year to all of you! We truly appreciate your support and want to say thank you for everything you’ve given us in 2012! We look forward to good things in 2013 and wish you all the best in the new year. R + A

Expat Thanksgiving #2

November 27, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

I didn’t get ANY photos of Thanksgiving Dinner, Round II, because I was too busy taking pictures of Hazel. And holding Hazel. And dying over what Ashley calls Hazel’s evil eye, which she cast upon us all as she was forced to sit on the sofa while we feasted. For proper photos of the evening, … Read More


November 23, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

We spent our Thanksgiving at a German friend’s house. It wasn’t intended to be “Thanksgiving dinner” (she’d extended the invitation without realizing the date) but that didn’t matter; it was just nice to have a meal with two wonderful people. She served creamy celeriac soup and an onion tart—a spread she described as traditional winter … Read More


July 4, 2012Links

Happy Fourth of July everybody! This is a day when I think a lot about home and what the 4th traditionally meant to me, which is all about being up at the lake. Grilling, suits and towels drying on the line, and getting together with friends and community. 1) Bottle caps from local soda makers. 2) … Read More

New Year’s Day

January 2, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

We stayed at an (awesome) Airbnb sublet in Oakland these last couple of nights—that’s the building and our wheels—until packing it up on New Year’s Day to continue south through Big Sur. We kept with the beach picnic tradition and had a lunch of mackerel and salad on a cliff that smelled like a combination … Read More

New Year’s Eve

January 2, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

By Rebecca Happy New Year, all! We spent our eve at a friend’s house perched high on a hill in Oakland with a view of the bay. The moon was crazy big and red and it got bigger and bigger as it set behind San Francisco. Um, spectacular. But oh so quiet!! I’ve gotten used … Read More

Christmas in Germany.

December 24, 2010Place

Freiburg, Germany. It’s been quite an old world charmer, this Christmas: we drove through a snowstorm to the Black Forest, prepared a goose for dinner, walked with candles through the dusk along the river Dreisam, sang carols around the piano with accordion accompaniment, and opened presents under a tree lit with real candles. Warmest holiday … Read More

Early Christmas present.

December 22, 2010Berlin
Berlin. I got an early Christmas present—a camera bag handmade with fabric from Frau Tulpe. Makes me wish I knew how to sew!

Wintertraum Weihnachtsmarkt am Alexa

December 15, 2010Berlin
Christmas Market at Alexa, Berlin It was recommended that I check out this Christmas market and it was a beaut, as promised. My favorite ride name was The Gate of "The Time." + In thinking about how to assess this past year, and what kind of projects I want to do next year, I came [...]

Danish Christmas.

December 6, 2010Travel, Travel Topics

Berlin. DVD menus, dinner and Skype conversations, Christmas music, computer operating systems; there have been times in the last months when I’ve had the distinct feeling that I hear and read more Danish than German because, through a string of coincidences, I have had the pleasure of befriending a little gang of Danes in Berlin. … Read More

Lebkuchen season.

November 7, 2010Travel, Travel Topics
This afternoon, in a grocery store that was actually open on a Sunday, I bought my first Lebkuchen of the season. I don't want to talk about or acknowledge the fact that I brought those Lebkuchen home and immediately subjected them to a photo shoot before eating them.