Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths

January 29, 2021Art + Design

I love these vinyl floorcloths! It was always a favorite passtime of mine in Berlin to keep an eye out for open apartment building doors. The main reason was to get a peek at the tile flooring, which often looked exactly like these! They come in a variety of sizes and can be used indoor … Read More

Hazel visits

March 21, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

We got to spend a few lovely days with Miss Hazel while Ashley and Andreas were in Spain. Check out the beautiful photos Ashley took of Granada and Malaga while they were gone!


June 12, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

The birds are back! But we are seriously regretting not following through with our plan of putting little hats on them so that we can easily identify who’s who—it’s hard to tell now. This is what I think: the littlest one came back early one morning followed by mom or dad. Had a quick feed … Read More

Feathered Friends

May 29, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

To my delight, I’ve had a regular visitor to my studio these last couple of weeks: a naughty but charming little bird who flies in and out as he pleases, stealing bread and amusing me to no end. On the other side of the flat, Peeper #1 left the nest for good a few days … Read More

The week in pigeons

May 21, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

The pigeons got their feathers this week and seemed to triple in size. There’s hardly room in the flower pot for three anymore, especially when certain small ones do test flaps with their wings. Two prospective nesters visited the neighborhood (last photo), inspecting the eaves and rooftops—and totally eyeballing Paul and Stevie’s Haus. They’ll have … Read More

Field Report: The Spectators

May 15, 2012The Field Report

On Friday I looked out the window to find that our baby birds had discovered the world beyond the rim of their nest. They were looking around like it was entertainment…they also kind of remind me of those two old guys up in the balcony on the Muppet Show. It was totally fascinating to see … Read More

Pigeon Friends

May 10, 2012Berlin

Hi all. Thanks for your enthusiastic pigeon comments these last days. They are growing super fast. Their little feathers are coming in and in a couple of weeks they will be gone, the parents, too—I guess that they don’t keep the same nest. That makes me a little sad, so we’ll enjoy them while they … Read More

Field Report: Baby bird food coma

May 8, 2012Berlin, The Field Report

Does it make me some kinda nutjob if I post about pigeons multiple times in a row? Because I’ll be honest, I check on them like 50 times a day. I don’t mean to go all National Geographic on you or do some kind of bait-and-switch from photo blog to some weirdo baby/pigeon blog thing. … Read More

Field Report: Baby birds

May 4, 2012The Field Report

We’ve got baby pigeon snuggling happening here, people! They hatched in the night and were on their own for about an hour this morning—there is a lot of cuteness in that little flower pot. They are like little bobbleheads in there. I had to film it and that prompted me to make a little mini … Read More