Rabbit Island

August 16, 2013Place

This tiny island in Lake Superior is home to an artist residency and research station.

Berlin Guide: Insel der Jugend

July 11, 2012Berlin

We’ve been trying to make a habit of spending more time on the water, especially on the few days when it actually feels like summer in Berlin. When we walked over the high footbridge from Treptower Park onto Insel der Jugend, it was a warm Sunday and there were people everywhere, including on the water. … Read More

Field Report 031: Favorites

October 4, 2011The Field Report, Travel

We had a conversation about fields the other day because hey I’m still roaming these parts that I grew up in and in these parts fields are everywhere. The conversation got me thinking about a lot of things pertaining to fields and open spaces and what’s on the other side of open spaces and how … Read More

Nicollet Island in the spring.

May 6, 2010Places

Nicollet Island. Minneapolis, Minnesota. I can’t catch a break with the weather in any of my recent locations. Unfortunately, Minneapolis has been no exception; it is gray, cold and rainy here. Today I went to visit one of my favorite places, Nicollet Island, but I didn’t take any photos because of the steely light and … Read More

Seaside or Mountains?

July 1, 2009Travel

If I had to choose a landscape in which to spend my time it would be the seaside. Throw in some fields, dunes and forrest on a tiny island in the sea and I am a happy girl. For that reason it seems that being closer to the north of Germany than to the south … Read More

Even Amrum Has McMansions

June 6, 2009Travel, Travel Topics

Wow. Those of you who know my work will not be surprised that this place caught my eye. I have been trying to write this post for days but just can’t quite seem to say what I want to say. You see, if I think about The Suburb as I understand it—its history, reason for … Read More

Flowers on Amrum

May 29, 2009Travel, Travel Topics

I was really delighted by all of the flowers on Amrum. And so happylucky that many of the Lilac and Azalea bushes were still in full bloom; I don’t know that I have ever gotten to enjoy two rounds of those fleeting beauties in one year. Bonus! But wait—there’s more! Lupines. Lupines everywhere!

Amrum | Reservations by Postcard

May 26, 2009Travel, Travel Topics

Imagine my consternation when, in order to reserve a room on the island of Amrum, we were asked to mail our hostess a postcard with the dates of our trip. On one hand it seemed unnervingly lo-tech and yet on the other hand it was rather charming in its eccentricity. And so we sent off … Read More

Nicollet Island

March 19, 2009Travel, Travel Topics

Nicollet Island is a small island in the Mississippi River. 50 acres in size with a population of about 150 people, it sounds like a small town and it feels like a small town. Quiet streets, gardens, little houses and paths that wind through tall grass make it hard to remember that just outside the tree … Read More