North Shore Drawing Club

August 18, 2018Creative Time

In July, I met two friends for a weekend on Lake Superior’s north shore. Highlights included: Taking a picnic lunch out on the lake’s massive, smooth rocks for an afternoon of drawing next to the water. Lots of smoked fish. A key to the woodshed, which resulted in endless fires in the field stone fireplace. … Read More

Naniboujou Lodge

August 30, 2015Travel

A few days at a remarkably well-preserved 1920s lodge on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Rabbit Island

August 16, 2013Place

This tiny island in Lake Superior is home to an artist residency and research station.

Pinboard: Lake Superior

July 12, 2012Links

Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes. Its cold waters are deep and clear. The summer air at the lake is cool and fresh and smells like the boreal forest that borders its shoreline. While the air alone is worth the trip, an excursion north also offers quiet rocky beaches, bonfires on the … Read More

Mary Jo Hoffman / Still Blog

June 19, 2012Art + Design

A search for images of Lake Superior led to this beautiful and ongoing project by Mary Jo Hoffman that documents things gathered during daily excursions. I love it that she lists the original location of each item—the harbor in Grand Marais, the side of a highway, the beach in the Bretagne, trails in Saint Paul, … Read More

The Last Quiet Places

May 15, 2012Creative Time

Yesterday I was listening to The Last Quiet Places, an interview with the acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton on the radio show On Being. So good—defining silence as a presence and the absence of noise instead of the absence of sound. This interview resonated so much with me, a person who seeks daily refuge from city noises … Read More