Friday Memo

April 17, 2015Links

My oh my did this week go quickly! Our only plans for the weekend are to check out the Mount Hood Scenic Byway, which starts in Portland. Last Sunday we ate dinner outside at Stammtisch—they threw the doors open to the sidewalk and the sound of the soccer game drifted out to us. Just yes to … Read More

Friday Memo

April 10, 2015Links

It’s the weekend! What are your plans? Last weekend we had the best time in Boise celebrating my niece’s birthday and this weekend we’ve got plans to hit up the Wood & Faulk sample sale on Saturday (from 10-2 if you are in the Portland area). Some links I’ve collected this week: + If you want a … Read More


August 30, 2013Links

Finds from this week include a young New Yorker’s 1872 journey to the prairie and the hidden stairways of Los Angeles.

Links :: An ancient whistling language + Berlin winter guide

February 1, 2013Links

One year ago today we left LA for Palm Springs (see above)! An ancient whistling language makes a comeback in Spain. Watch the video to hear it. Lost and found in the wilderness. A winter guide to Berlin. I like the idea of thinking about December and January this way. What would February be? Our … Read More

Links :: Airports from above + The power of storytelling

July 23, 2012Links

Image from Holding Pattern by Lauren O’Neill Anthony came across this amazing 360 view of Shackleton’s Antarctica hut in a Facebook post that compared it to the interior of every restaurant in Portland. Kevin Kling talks about the power of storytelling. Love this mobile pizzeria—complete with wood burning stove—created from a shipping crate. I agreed with some … Read More

Links :: A house on an island in the city + Past is present in Mongolia

July 16, 2012Links

A tiny house on an island surrounded by fields but 20 minutes from a fantastic city—my idea of the perfect homestead. ᔥ Small Sight This pretty much sums up the Berlin summer of 2012. Disappearing America: the Wood & Swink general store. A Field Office Mongolia adventure sounds about right. Mapping the Internet. Image via … Read More


July 2, 2012Links

This little number has our names written all over it. ᔥ Cold Splinters One of these, please…and an ocean to test it in. ᔥ Swiss Miss I keep squirreling away the ice cream recipes, but have yet to try one. We made this one yesterday with tiny and delicious German strawberries. Pretty wonderful interior redo of … Read More