Baby Keira

May 10, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

Meeting Baby Keira the other week in Salt Lake was pretty spectacular. My favorite moment with her was the day we left; she was fussing a bit and I got her to quiet down by holding her slightly on her side, facing me. She stared up at me sideways, looking into my eyes with a … Read More

Van Trailer

December 3, 2012Creative Time

A little trailer for our forthcoming video about driving down the California coast and into the Joshua Tree National Park in a 1979 VW Camper Van. More about this adventure here.

Berlin Flora

October 17, 2012Berlin

One year ago (?!) we filmed this little number, an investigation of Berlin’s wildly overgrown green spaces.

Field Report: The Spectators

May 15, 2012The Field Report

On Friday I looked out the window to find that our baby birds had discovered the world beyond the rim of their nest. They were looking around like it was entertainment…they also kind of remind me of those two old guys up in the balcony on the Muppet Show. It was totally fascinating to see … Read More

Field Report 034: The Little Things

November 11, 2011The Field Report, Travel, Travel Topics

by Rebecca This is not a forever farewell. But we will be gone from Berlin long enough that it is a significant good-bye. Even though Berlin has been my home for over three years, I sometimes have this feeling that if I leave I might not find my way back. And there were certainly times … Read More

Field Report 033: Berlin Flora

October 24, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

by Rebecca and Anthony Basically, anything green that grows in Berlin is playing an every-man-for-himself game. Are you a delicate and many-leaved weed with tiny white flowers, a hearty disposition, and a fondness for very parched soil? That dirt around that tree where dogs and people like to whiz would be an awesome home for … Read More

Field Report 032: The Sonnenburger Brücke

October 18, 2011Berlin

by Anthony Georgis A bridge is a metaphor for a lot of things. It’s about traveling, reaching out, exploring, and connecting the past with the present. Even though it’s not much to look at, the Sonnenburger Brücke is pretty special in that way. It’s a simple little pedestrian bridge that crosses the train tracks between … Read More

Field Report 031: Favorites

October 4, 2011The Field Report, Travel

We had a conversation about fields the other day because hey I’m still roaming these parts that I grew up in and in these parts fields are everywhere. The conversation got me thinking about a lot of things pertaining to fields and open spaces and what’s on the other side of open spaces and how … Read More

Field Report 029: Canoeing on the Liepnitzsee

September 19, 2011Berlin

Getting on a boat was one thing I had to tick off my 2011 list. I’m pretty sure that this particular day was it for summer—and even then we were pushing it. The lake, which just a couple of weeks before had been a cool escape from a hot and muggy August city, had turned … Read More