Twelve Blog: High

May 8, 2013Creative Time

Mankato, Minnesota This photo is part of an ongoing series at You can find a collection of my photos for the project here. 

Hello from Minneapolis!

April 4, 2013Creative Time

I arrived yesterday afternoon and am so happy to be here amongst family, friends, and animals. Anthony landed in New York last night and will join me here on Saturday. Our April 3 travel date became a kind of bookend for this past year—it was April 2012 that we returned from the US after five … Read More

Twelve Blog: Shout

March 15, 2013Creative Time

Cities are in a constant state of change; neighborhoods morph this way and that from safe to crime-infested, from run-down to hip to boring, etc. Berlin as we know it came into being from a unique combination of factors and history, but time has caught up with it and the change is happening at an … Read More

Wooden Churches by Richard Davies

February 8, 2013Place

Richard Davies began photographing wooden churches in northern Russia in 2002. The structures, some of which date back to the 16th century, have mostly been abandoned. As he writes on his website, many of those in the project are no longer standing due to neglect and vandalism. The website for the project includes more images … Read More

Twelve Blog: Lovers

February 4, 2013Creative Time

New Year’s Eve, Minneapolis, USA This photo is part of an ongoing series at You can find a collection of my photos for the project here. 

Winter walks

January 29, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

Temperatures during our visit to Minnesota hovered around 10° F (-12°C) but we still managed to get out for walks almost every day. That’s Anthony on a frozen, SNOW-FREE Lake Minnetonka. It’s unusual for the lake to be frozen with no snow on top. These rare conditions mean that instead of shoveling a skating rink … Read More


January 10, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

This last week back in Berlin has been rough due to the perpetual darkness, in which the days go by one after the other in a grim gradation somewhere along the lines of . Before we left in December, there was snow. I’m not a big fan of the snow here because it tends to … Read More