May 13, 2011Travel, Travel Topics

Santa Fe, New Mexico I’m staying with my friend, Peter, who raises bees. He’s got three hives at his house and another two on a farm outside of Santa Fe. Today I tried really hard to screw up the courage to take up close photos of the bees going about their business. This would have … Read More

The roses are blooming and it’s snowing up north.

May 11, 2011Travel, Travel Topics

New Mexico So let’s just recap here: I left a cool Minneapolis for a warm but windy Albuquerque, which turned overcast and cool the day I arrived. Meanwhile it was 90 degrees (that’s 32 C) and humid in Minneapolis. Arrived in Santa Fe last night, and woke up to snow flurries. Somewhere in the middle … Read More

Jumping the wall.

April 26, 2010Travel, Travel Topics
Behind Smith's. Santa Fe, New Mexico. A long cinder block wall separates the Institute from a strip mall. At certain points the wall is low enough to jump, although it still takes a bit of height and agility. Making the jump means a 2 minute walk to the grocery store instead of a 30 minute [...]

In the grass.

April 17, 2010Travel, Travel Topics

Santa Fe Art Institute Santa Fe, New Mexico I keep finding myself on cloud patrol. It is a mode that is not unfamiliar.