Johnny’s Accordion School

March 25, 2013The Distant Past

Click on the above image to look in the window of Johnny’s Accordion School on the second floor. Also in the second photo, I love the Mitzi Shop—a tiny little storefront with all of those mannequin heads in the window. Images courtesy of

In a busy.

October 11, 2010Berlin
S + U Bahnhof Wedding, Berlin. I'm in a big busy today: deadlines and scooting around town to look at new office/studio space.

Brunch at Schoenbrunn

June 10, 2010Berlin

Schoenbrunn sits in the middle of the Volkspark Friedrichshain and is surrounded by gardens and a pond. I’ve pointed many a visitor here because it showcases many of the best things about Berlin: drawn out brunches in the sun (its patio seating gets full sun starting early in the day, which means outdoor brunch even … Read More

Don Diego Avenue

April 3, 2010Travel, Travel Topics
Santa Fe, New Mexico Trader Joe's was a madhouse but I drove back to the Institute on empty streets, past buildings closed for the weekend.

Route 66

February 27, 2010Travel, Travel Topics

Albuquerque, New Mexico Like any city, Albuquerque has its staple tourist attractions—Route 66 being one of the main ones. But Route 66 isn’t a building, monument or park; it is a place and a point in time. And the place is changing, the time has gone and Route 66 is disappearing. My two hour walk … Read More