April in Minnesota

April 17, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

Since we landed in Minnesota, the weather has been awful: honest-to-god-snowtorms, rain, cold, just the gamut of terrible weather. Yet somehow I am in good spirits—it makes such a difference to be surrounded by so many friendly faces, good conversations, and good food. Yesterday there was sun—I sat outside all day and actually got a … Read More

Springtime in Berlin

March 30, 2013Berlin

This is it. This is what it’s like here right now: a never-ending loop of winter. If you take last “summer” into consideration, this is like month 18 of winter for Berlin. And I have had it. At this time of the year, it is perfectly reasonable to expect the days to get progressively warmer … Read More

Field Report 013

April 10, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

Prenzlauer Allee, Berlin This kind of hallway/staircase makes me feel like I’ve stumbled onto a theater set…a friend of mine lives in a building with such a staircase. Every time I go over to her place, I feel like I’m on stage as I climb the stairs. There is a certain grubby-but-clean quality to these … Read More

Karaoke in the Mauerpark

March 24, 2011Berlin

Mauerpark, Berlin Spring is here; the karaoke is back on in the Mauerpark every Sunday. For those who’ve never been, here’s the deal: untold numbers of people descend upon the Mauerpark on Sundays. There is a flea, there is lounging on the grass, there are bands playing in the grass, there is also grilling in … Read More

Dusk and dawn outside the window.

May 26, 2010Berlin

Berlin, Germany The Kastanien (chestnut) tree is in bloom. It seems so close that I always want to reach through the open window and touch it. If I look up from the kitchen table or over my shoulder as I walk through a room, I catch it moving out there. Its leaves are invisible in … Read More

In the grass.

April 17, 2010Travel, Travel Topics

Santa Fe Art Institute Santa Fe, New Mexico I keep finding myself on cloud patrol. It is a mode that is not unfamiliar.

Outside my door.

April 15, 2010Travel, Travel Topics
My Backyard Santa Fe, New Mexico Something changed this week with the weather. Simply put, it became Spring. That is the door to my room and my little patio. The grass to the left is where I have been drinking my coffee in the mornings. I have discovered that the mornings are breezy here and [...]

Neighborhood Park = Backyard (The Lilacs are Out!)

April 27, 2009Berlin

In the 1940’s, when my grandparents were first married, they lived in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. A few years ago they told me that at that time it was common for them and all of their neighbors to sleep at Lake of the Isles on hot summer nights. They did this because it was … Read More