Berlin Walking Tours: Context Travel

May 22, 2013Berlin

We are big fans of checking things out on foot—especially in Berlin, where the most interesting finds are often easily-overlooked remnants of the city’s wartime/divided past. So we were happy to join Context Travel on their Divided City walking tour, which uses the city’s architecture as a thread through history. Our path illustrated how quickly … Read More

Winter walks

January 29, 2013Travel, Travel Topics

Temperatures during our visit to Minnesota hovered around 10° F (-12°C) but we still managed to get out for walks almost every day. That’s Anthony on a frozen, SNOW-FREE Lake Minnetonka. It’s unusual for the lake to be frozen with no snow on top. These rare conditions mean that instead of shoveling a skating rink … Read More


December 5, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

We rearranged our schedules today to get out into the sun. So cold and windy out there, but I needed that light on my face. And I needed to take photos—I have really missed wandering, looking, and snapping these last few months. The Kleingartens have been abandoned for the winter, but we did find some … Read More


September 19, 2012Travel, Travel Topics

Glorious autumn weather here in Berlin. We took a walk on Sunday, hitting both the Mauerpark and Arkonaplatz flea markets. Afterwards we sat in the sun across from Zionskirch and had the most delicious rhubarb schorle (that’s rhubarb juice with sparkling water) and took the long way home through Wedding, past our favorite abandoned school.

Evening walking

July 20, 2011Travel, Travel Topics

I still can’t get over the cool, dry summers here in Berlin. Sometimes they are a little too cool and not so dry, but mostly they are kind of amazing. The poor folks back home are enduring 83 degree dew points (that’s 28 C) and 95 F temps (35 C). The two things combined make … Read More

Take That

March 26, 2011Travel, Travel Topics

Berlin Wedding It has come to my attention that my bicycle has a number of disconcerting safety issues and that if I want to get through bicycle exploring season without breaking my head, I will need to get a new one. + Confettisystem. I love it that people make a living doing this kind of … Read More

Field Hopping

June 28, 2010Travel, Travel Topics

Freiburg, Germany We biked from one field to another today, each time finding shade underneath enormous oak trees or next to the edge of the Dreisam.