Easel in the studio

This month I’m super excited to be working on a project for a brand I love. Usually when I work on a large scale, I work directly on the wall. But because this project involves panels instead of stretched canvas, I had to purchase an easel to hold them.

The only easel I’ve ever owned is a so-called French easel—the kind that folds up into a box so it can be carried out into the field. An h-frame easel like the one above accommodates large canvases and panels and is meant to stay permanently indoors. I’d always eyed them at the art store but was scared away by the enormous price tag—$500 to anywhere over $1000. But when this project came along, I took a second look and found this one that’s way more affordable and got rave reviews. The panels arrive on Wednesday and I’m excited to put it to work and see how it holds up!


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