Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths

January 29, 2021Art + Design

I love these vinyl floorcloths! It was always a favorite passtime of mine in Berlin to keep an eye out for open apartment building doors. The main reason was to get a peek at the tile flooring, which often looked exactly like these! They come in a variety of sizes and can be used indoor … Read More

Building by Oliver Jeffers

July 15, 2012Art + Design

Illustrator Oliver Jeffers nabbed these objects out of an abandoned building in Belfast and embellished them with a few extra bells and whistles. It was all part of a collaborative project with the OAR art collective, who were granted access to the city’s old power station before its renovation. Other projects based on the building and its … Read More

Mary Jo Hoffman / Still Blog

June 19, 2012Art + Design

A search for images of Lake Superior led to this beautiful and ongoing project by Mary Jo Hoffman that documents things gathered during daily excursions. I love it that she lists the original location of each item—the harbor in Grand Marais, the side of a highway, the beach in the Bretagne, trails in Saint Paul, … Read More

Interview with David Plowden

August 16, 2011Art + Design, People

Last night’s The Story interview with photographer David Plowden gets a big recommendation from me. The way he tells the story of his work and career—starting as a boy and ending with his current (maybe) retirement—is fascinating. He radiates a comforting assurance that is not at all arrogant…just warm and humble.