Rabbit Island

August 16, 2013Place

This tiny island in Lake Superior is home to an artist residency and research station.

Wooden Churches by Richard Davies

February 8, 2013Place

Richard Davies began photographing wooden churches in northern Russia in 2002. The structures, some of which date back to the 16th century, have mostly been abandoned. As he writes on his website, many of those in the project are no longer standing due to neglect and vandalism. The website for the project includes more images … Read More

Alec Soth: Summer Nights at the Dollar Tree

November 16, 2012Place

Shot in Minneapolis, that freeway scene at the beginning is super close to where I used to live and if a freeway scene can tug at the heart, this one tugs at mine. Showing at the Aperture Gallery in New York City until November 17.

Christmas in Germany.

December 24, 2010Place

Freiburg, Germany. It’s been quite an old world charmer, this Christmas: we drove through a snowstorm to the Black Forest, prepared a goose for dinner, walked with candles through the dusk along the river Dreisam, sang carols around the piano with accordion accompaniment, and opened presents under a tree lit with real candles. Warmest holiday … Read More


June 30, 2010Place

Before there were digital cameras, I lived in Heidelberg. I took black and white photos and developed everything in the darkroom, and I was just learning to speak German. These last few days have been interesting; seeing the same place with older eyes (and a digital camera—oh how I wish blogs had existed then!) is … Read More

The path to the lake.

April 5, 2010Place

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota Delightful characters in this photo, especially my great aunt Millie, who always seems to be off in her own world. But what strikes me most about this image is the setting — it is the lake that I grew up on. The little path down to the water, the horizon of trees … Read More

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2009Place

It is just after 6pm and the fireworks are already so loud that I am dreading leaving the house. I found a great description of a Berlin New Year’s Eve here. Warmest wishes!

Thanksgiving in October

November 1, 2009Place

I won’t be with my family for Thanksgiving in November. So while I was visiting them this month we cooked a Thanksgiving-like dinner. We chose not to roast a whole turkey and that inspired me to (maybe) try something similar here on November 26th in our teeny tiny Euro oven.