December 13, 2010The Distant Past

This weekend, while Berlin was being blessed with a sloppy melt, Minneapolis had an old-fashioned blizzard; 24 in (61 cm) by the time it was over.


December 7, 2010The Distant Past

Mound, Minnesota circa 1950 This is how we roll where I come from; let the babes loose in the snow and let them figure it out. And yet despite my lifelong training, I almost managed to break my head last night on the Berlin sidewalks. + Fisheye, macro, and wide angle lenses for your camera … Read More

New sheriffs in town

October 31, 2010The Distant Past

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, 1952 I saw a ghost from my balcony on Friday evening. Dusk was underway and no one was out—except for one really short, old-fashioned ghost (you know, the huge white sheet with cutout eye holes kind). The ghost was kicking its way through the fallen yellow leaves. I hadn’t seen any other … Read More

Out at the lake

July 8, 2010The Distant Past
At the moment, the talk of the town in Berlin is going to the lake: What lakes are the best for swimming? What lakes are the least crowded? Good questions because truth be told...I am a lake snob. My trip to the Schlachtensee a couple of summers ago reduced me to a deep despair. I [...]

Gramma on her way to Sweden, 1947.

May 18, 2010The Distant Past

Wold-Chamberlain Airport (now Minneapolis/St Paul International), 1947 My great grandmother was Swedish. In about 1912, she left Sweden with her 6 year old son (who is still alive) and came to the United States. According to my grandmother, her English was never very good. She married and had more children but her husband died young. … Read More

1940s Lake Party

March 11, 2010The Distant Past

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota Let’s see…what do we have here? + Dancing in the backyard on a summer night + Giggling in the grass + A back porch and a wicker sofa + A late night game of cards + A GAL IN A TREE I want to party with these people. In fact, these people … Read More

Streetcar to the Lake and a Waterfall in the City

August 24, 2009The Distant Past

I’ve been enchanted by this postcard ever since I found it on the Minnesota Historical Society’s photo database. The illustration shows the streetcar line that ran from Minneapolis to Lake Minnetonka (which is where I am from). Unfortunately the line doesn’t exist anymore, but the idea of taking a streetcar out to the lake on … Read More