I just spent the entire morning researching where I could get some essentials to set up a work space here. And I have achieved…nothing. A search of area office supply stores led to such sites such as abe-minuth.de. I invite you to go there and pretend that you are me, excited to see the link Büromöbel (office furniture) on the page. Now try to click on it so that you can see the office furniture that they have to offer. Now try to click on any of the other ‘links.’

daszweitebuero.de was my favorite because of the fabulous photos of office furniture on the loose in the streets of Kreuzberg:

Everything seems so expensive. But maybe it’s just me, despairing at the hundreds (if not more) dollars I’ve spent over the years equipping myself with essentials that are now on another continent. Faced with the financial horror of replacing everything that I already own, I google on to find this: a used bulletin board (and room divider) for €196.35. That is $302.16.