Rooftops at dawnI never thought our December departure from Minneapolis would look and feel like spring. The air had that earthy, just-rained kind of smell as we packed up the car and the ground was muddy instead of icy. But there you are. I’m sure winter will return soon.
No knead breadPrep for the road included timing a loaf of bread to bake the night before we left so we could have sandwiches in the car—because priorities, obviously. And this loaf was a beauty. It rose like a champ and kept its form. I use a starter and the no-knead method, which requires about an 18-hour rise.
Ginger snapsThen there was the pre-departure cookie baking that got a little out of hand. I was testing out a few recipes including this long-lost ginger snap number that I finally found again in my Evernote. It became legendary in the family after only one round because the snaps were so spicy. I rediscovered it by accident and hereby vow to never lose it again.
DogWe have never made such a long journey with Metro, so I’m curious to see how he does. Anthony built him a kind of platform bed for the backseat, which I know he will love–he loves being in the car. But for now he’s a little nervous, staying close, and watching my every move.
IMG_0922.JPGOn the road, somewhere in South Dakota.
Roadside attraction Mitchell, SD. Too bad this one’s such a snooze to travel with.
Black Hills South DakotaGot to the Black Hills at dusk and arrived at our place in Hot Springs in the dark. Haven’t been here for awhile. Hoping to get a little look around today. More soon!

Photos by Rebecca Silus for the Field Office


  • That bread! And that dusky highway!! My road trip loving self is just a wee bit jealous. 🙂 I’m excited to see where the road takes you and I hope you guys have a great adventure!

  • Rebecca, your bread looks really good. We have been baking a bunch but haven’t gotten a real good German crust yet. Do you just bake yours on a baking sheet? A friend suggested baking inside a Dutch oven…

    Happy travels!

    • Leslie! Sorry I am responding to this so so so late! I bake it in a Dutch oven, too. I think it’s the only way to go to achieve that amazing crust in a regular oven.

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