You all know I love a picnic—car, park, beach—preferably with a smoked fish as the main course. But when not on the Great Lakes for a smoked trout or cisco, I’ll happily take a fresh crab from the general store in Manzanita.

This is how things went down over the weekend, when I headed with a friend and his dog out to the coast for a walk down the beach at Nehalem Bay State Park. We left Portland in late morning, getting to Manzanita at lunchtime where we found fresh crab on sale for $5.00 a pound. Luckily I have a Leatherman in permanent residence in the cooler/picnic basket that worked for shell cracking, but I think now I’m also going to add a few crab utensils to my toolkit.

It was a windy day in the dunes—pretty sure I ingested a pound of sand with my crab, salad, and beer and today I dropped my camera off for repairs after it, too, ingested some sand. 🙁

I always love this beach—it’s quiet and such a great place for the dogs to run. It’s also easy to get to and just kind of a sure bet every time. But it’s on my list to start expanding my repertoire of Portland day trips, so hopefully there will be some different landscapes here in the near future!

General Store Sign Oregon Coast
Sand dunes Oregon Coast
Crab beach picnic on the Oregon Coast