I have been walking past this storefront for a month now. And from a distance I have enjoyed the strips of panoramic landscapes on either side of the door.

I was always uncertain, however, as to what was going on in there in terms of commerce—I had never seen anything like it.

It is the kind of stuff I dream happily about; rolls of beautifully illustrated, never-ending landscapes. A space that is well-designed and a little bit mysterious with lots of secret rooms (I’m assuming). A business that makes money selling magical little worlds on spools of paper.

I was afraid of being disappointed if I conducted a closer investigation. But curiosity got the best of me. I got up the nerve to get closer and inspect these little delights. 

So here’s the deal: it turns out that this is wallpaper. Was I disappointed? Um, no! What kind of crazy, magical idea is that for an enterprise? 400cm of miniature landscapes that can be adhered to the walls of your home in a never-ending line!

It turns out that their web site is just as delightful and that they have all kinds of other themes. And that storefront I found myself in front of is their Home Base but their products are sold all over the world.

Sredzkistrasse 58
10405 Berlin

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  • I loves it. I think my favorite has to be the LA wallpaper – I mean, the Alps or pictures of deer, ok, I can see that as a traditional wallpaper subject – but the SWAT team helicopter hovering over parking ramps? Fantastic.

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