Recently I stood next to a tall flowering plant that I recognized from my gardening days and almost got teary eyed. I miss having a garden so much and not just for the fresh flowers—it’s the weeding and digging and moving things around. It’s about getting lost in a world in which the work will never really be done, but is always incredibly satisfying.

From the garden: 1) Garden—sand dunes—sea—Grey Gardens circa 1920. 2) Vintage Chinese wallpaper painted with tempera paint around 1750. 3) Yola Monakhov photographs the apple tree. 4) Always wanted a pair. 5) Garden at Killenworth, the George Dupont Pratt house in Glen Cove, NY. Ca 1918 6) ♥ Hollyhocks ♥ 7) Wild and unruly. 8) Another favorite—peonies.

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