Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes. Its cold waters are deep and clear. The summer air at the lake is cool and fresh and smells like the boreal forest that borders its shoreline. While the air alone is worth the trip, an excursion north also offers quiet rocky beaches, bonfires on the shore, the milky way at night—and if you are lucky, the Northern Lights.

My love of fields and large bodies of water come from the lake and its shoreline. I miss it fiercely and think about it often, especially in summer. Some of my favorite places, things, and things to do on the North Shore of Lake Superior:

1) Picnic in the sand dunes and swim at Park Point in Duluth. 2) Drive up the shore on Highway 61 (yes that Highway 61) and try to spot my favorite abandoned buildings. Also see #8. 3) The waters of Lake Superior4) Look for wildflowers in the Superior National Forest…or along the side of the road…or anywhere for that matter. 5) Catch-and-release agate hunting. 6) Pick wild strawberries on the Gunflint Trail. 7) Duluth Packs in their natural habitat. 8) See #2. 9) Start the day with coffee on the rocky shoreline10) Buy smoked fish from Russ Kendall’s. Pick up enough for the whole stay.

+ North Shore…There and Back is a great blog with up-to-date information about the area with a focus on the outdoors.

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