Winslow Homer’s residence/studio in Maine might be the perfect way to work on location—if your subject matter doesn’t stray far from the sea. Sometimes I feel like I’m working on location, too, here in this city…but mostly my mind wanders to far off landscapes that I’d like to work from. And so I google and I travel. And sometimes I pack up a sketchbook and my watercolor set and head out into the world.

1) Death Valley road trip sketches by Wendy MacNaughton 2) My travel watercolor kit on location at Venice Beach 3) Mahogany watercolor box, circa 1870 4) Oliver Jeffers sketchbook 5) Makr Carry Goods tool roll 6) Pissarro in the field 7) Botanist kit

The Pinboard series is based on images I’ve collected on Pinterest and elsewhere. Each week I pick a theme based on recent images and create a collection to illustrate that theme. The hand lettering and illustration are done by me! See more collections here.