Ok, last night I wasn’t at the Riverview Wine Bar. I was at Cafe Barbette. But I forgot my camera. And it is a shame because it was a lovely evening.

So I am making up for it by posting old photos and mentioning the Riverview because there is a good chance I won’t make it there by June. I’m not saying that it’s out of the question but the weather has been horrible here; cold, snow and rain. There is nothing wrong with the Riverview when it’s cold out—in fact, they have a fireplace. But when I get the urge to head to the Riverview it is always because it is a warm evening and they have superior sidewalk seating where it is easy to enjoy the breeze. There are lots of plants and trees surrounding the tables and they are dog friendly!

But there is more. The Riverview name (I’m assuming) pays homage to the Riverview Theater, which is just kitty corner to it. Not just any movie theather, the Riverview Theater has been there since the late 40’s and still retains its original decor. This all means that it is possible to go to a movie before or after sitting outside with a glass of wine.

The Riverview has one last and very important consideration for me when deciding where to go: the route to and fro. Because the route to and fro is a part of the evening and I prefer it if it is an especially enriching part of the experience. In the Riverview’s case, it is in the middle of the Longfellow neighborhood and literally within a couple of blocks of the Mississippi River. This means that I can go via the River Road and that means no traffic, no stop lights. Just a dark, weaving, two lane road with a mighty river on one side and glowing houses on the other. When it is summer it smells fantastic because everyone has huge, flowery gardens. Greenery abounds in Longfellow—it feels like a little forest community. The tall elms create a canopy of leaves that make a nice view when glimpsed through the sunroof of a little car speeding through the urban forest.

Riverview Wine Bar
3745-3753 42nd Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55406