It was overcast on Saturday but we wanted to get outside and go for a walk. We figured that with the cloudy skies and the time of year and all that Potsdam would be relatively quiet. We were right. It was fantastically peaceful and although it was cloudy, the air was fresh smelling and warm. 

It was also an interesting trip because the last time I was in Potsdam was about 12 years ago. This ticket is the only evidence I have of that excursion. I didn’t save it on purpose; it somehow made its way into a little wooden box that I kept vine charcoal in and lived there for all of these years until I went through everything I owned for the move. 

It is always strange to revisit a foreign, distant place after so many years have gone by. I can’t, in fact, say that I have done it that often. Certain things looked vaguely familiar to me on Saturday. But the layout of the area and the faint things that stood out in my mind were like a dream and just out of reach in my memory.