I see a lot of blog posts written about time management, but it’s the rare post that has actually made a difference for me in my fight to work more efficiently. I’m tired of hearing that setting long and short term goals is important—the real issue is HOW to do this and actually make it work.

Meet Eleanor Mayrhofer from Steal This Process. She has a background in corporate project management and runs a successful indie business of her own. She also teaches creatives how to organize, prioritize, and generally get things done in a 6-week ecourse.

I took the course this fall and can say that it is in-depth without being all-consuming (i.e. I managed to do it while we were in the process of making an international move) and it is well-designed; Eleanor knows her stuff AND she is a great teacher.

Highly recommended—what a great way to start the year!!

Class starts on January 6, 2014
Early bird registration is open now until December 15.
Find out more: Steal This Process eCourse