A Foreign Country is a comic about history. It interprets everyday life in the past as found in old newspapers and photographs.

My current focus is on the early 1920s because it offers a fascinating comparison to life in 2018. The almost 100–year gap seems wide at first, but the 1920s sit at the beginning of the modern age and offer strange mixture of foreign and familiar technology, entertainment, and social behaviors to explore.


A Foreign Country is an ongoing project.
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Classified Ads

Classified ads may be short but they are also complex little histories. Although the format remains unchanged over the past 100 years, the content ranges from ordinary (someone selling their used car, for example) to indecipherable (how exactly do you dial the phone number ‘Atlantic 4687’?).

In this series, I break down ads sentence by sentence as a way of translating the past and exploring connections with the present.

Society Pages

How many times have you heard someone in recent years turn their nose up at Facebook (or social media in general) and profess their complete disinterest in this new and self-absorbed trend?

But just take a look at the society pages of any newspaper operating out of the smallest town or the biggest city now or in the past and you will find the same posts on Facebook recreated on the pages.

Graphic Novel – 1921 Journal

Based on a journal written in 1921 by my great aunt, this graphic novel will unpack the era in the same way as A Foreign Country.

Still in relatively early stages of development, I am looking for a publisher to help produce this project. Please contact me for more details at hello@rebeccasilus.com