rabbit island
While we were on the north shore of Lake Superior this summer, our Instagram friend Ben Moon was posting photos of surfers and plein air painters from a tiny island on the lake’s south side called Rabbit Island.

Turns out the island is an especially unique place because it has never been developed in any way. Its ecosystem is untouched and a rare place for scientists and artists to observe and study. Part of the island’s program includes up to three fully-funded artist residencies—the deadline for summer 2014 is next week on August 23.

I also love their shop, which has just a few beautifully made, limited edition items including the No Island is a Man Artifact Kit. It includes a map of the island, a handmade brass match case with a compass, an exhibition catalog, postcards, and a USB stick filled with field recordings from the island.

No Island is a Man Artifact Kit

Rabbit Island raspberries


Rabbit Island

rabbit island

Photos courtesy of rabbitisland.org + their lovely photo collection on Flickr