Field Report 021

July 3, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

Liepnitzsee, Brandenburg. The forecast was calling for cool temperatures and rain, June was almost over, I had spent way too many nice days and weekends at the computer, and my brain was starting to melt. So I fled in the afternoon and made the hour and a half journey first with the S-bahn and then … Read More

Field Report: Man Day

June 5, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

As we lounged on the banks of the Spree, L filled me in on Herrentag aka Man Day. A day when roving groups of men pull around carts of beer, get sauced, wave little flags, and dance on boats. Or whatever. Somehow it took me three years to find out about this.

Field Report 019

May 29, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

Minneapolis & Berlin I seem to be suffering a bad case of McDonald Syndrome this week. Interventions have been threatened to make me put down the Doobies.

Field Report 013

April 10, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

Prenzlauer Allee, Berlin This kind of hallway/staircase makes me feel like I’ve stumbled onto a theater set…a friend of mine lives in a building with such a staircase. Every time I go over to her place, I feel like I’m on stage as I climb the stairs. There is a certain grubby-but-clean quality to these … Read More

Field Report, Night Birds

April 4, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

Lychener Straße, Berlin The birds that sing at night here make me happy. I’d never known such a bird before I came to Berlin—and I’m still not sure what kind of bird it is…? + If you’ve every tried to get anything of a bureaucratic nature done in Germany (Spain, too, apparently), you’ll certainly relate … Read More

The Field Report 011

March 20, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

I first came to this graveyard on a winter’s walk a couple of years ago. It was kind of a graveyardmullet: orderly up front, out of control in the back. Back then things were in a serious state of overgrowth the further in I walked; fallen trees, tall grass, paths that disappeared into ivy-covered bushes, … Read More