The Field Report 009

March 6, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

Berlin. That balcony. That balcony was like a sickness; in August, before I even brought the first box in the door, I saw the red flags all over the place (in the form of a certain someone I would be living with) but I couldn’t pass up the balcony. I hoped for the best and … Read More

Field Report 007

February 21, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

Sanderstra├če, Berlin. By Saturday night, I had almost no video for this week’s report; I’d been busy, and somehow just wasn’t in the mood. On Friday night, things started to turn around when I went to a party in a rooftop apartment, where the band was none other than that smiley funk-fusion band that plays … Read More

The Field Report 002.

January 16, 2011The Field Report

Field Report 002 from the field office on Vimeo. Sensible shoes, ¡pineapples!, 3D, sunshine, bunkers, Arrested Development. View The Field Report 002 on Vimeo.

The Field Report 001.

January 8, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

Well-behaved dogs on public transportation, exercise routines, getting serious work done using a piece of playground equipment as a desk, the aftermath of the New Year’s eve celebrations, and options for transporting children: this is the Field Report, the first of what I hope will be a weekly collection of video documentation. + Joel Sternfeld‘s … Read More