I had a small panic attack at the end of last week when I realized it was Friday. How could the week be done already and what did I have to show for it? Well, a respectable amount, actually. I think my feelings had more to do with all of the things I didn’t get to because at the moment there is/are a lot of work/projects and it just isn’t possible to do it all and it is frustrating, that feeling of moving in slow motion, of not being able to get to it all.

So what to do? Whittle down? There are a couple of projects that could be pared down or retired. But none of that is your concern…unless you read this blog and I tell you that it is a time-sucker…and I found myself musing this weekend over its position on the priority list…

All that said, we were good and took a real break this weekend. Went to Padres bar on Friday night for a burger that was so so so good. Went to Alpine on Saturday for the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Drank coffee in town on Sunday while sitting in the sun.

And today is Monday. A brand new week.