After the snowstorm
Last night we had the kind of snowstorm we haven’t seen much of this year; heavy, wet snow started falling late in the day and then after dark the wind picked up. The snow fell and the wind howled all night. And yes, it is as cozy as it sounds. We made soup and read by the fire and went to sleep with the storm raging outside. This morning, it looks like this out the window.

Snow shoveling

Snow shoveling
Between this space and my Instagram feed, I realize there have been a lot of snow posts lately…but when there is this much of it, it kind of becomes a major character in a person’s life. Seriously, there is so much of it, I’m not sure what we are going to do with it after last night’s contribution. Normally, snow falls and then there is something of a thaw that doesn’t usually melt it all, but enough of it to keep a balance. This winter I read that we’ve had 50 days below freezing, so basically all the snow that’s fallen has stuck around and the piles keep on growing and growing.

Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge
This is the Stone Arch Bridge, where I like to take Metro for walks. It used to be a train bridge and now it’s a walking path that has a great view of the city and St Anthony Falls.

Shadows on the snow

Sunrise through ice on the skylight
The snow is pretty and romantic, but then there is reality: keeping the walks and the driveway and the alleyway clear is a LOT of hard, physical work. And the cold is truly brutal and unrelenting. It is the sunshine that has gotten me through this hard winter with spirits high.

House on Nicollet Island, Minneapolis
Our walk across the Stone Arch Bridge takes us on a loop around the riverfront and over Nicollet Island, a very favorite place of mine.

And those are some views of life + snow in Minnesota.

Photos by Rebecca Silus for the Field Office


  • So starkly beautiful. Reminds me of the gigantic piles of snow everywhere in Oslo which stuck around last year until April. Seriously, when the temperatures stay so cold and it keeps snowing, what can you really do except keep shoving it into piles? Meanwhile here in Bremen, it’s been so mild it’s only snowed twice this winter and they’ve already proclaimed winter over. But I have to say, a little more snow would have been fine by me. 🙂

  • Ha, before I started reading and was just looking at your main page (and noticing the new lettering, by the way, nice!) I was also thinking how much snow there is on all the thumbnail pictures! The colors of summer and fall Berlin and Barcelona have been pushed down the page by piles of blue-white snow. I like to read what you write about it; I suspect that only people who have lived away from home for a long time can see their home with these particular eyes.

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