This is part three of our series about unrenovated buildings in Berlin, where a sense of the city’s past still lingers in entryways, courtyards, and stairways. You can read the introduction and find all posts in this series here. Or subscribe to receive future installments.

These photos are mostly from 2011, but the building still looks the same today. A friend of mine used to live here, so I know it well and always loved how it felt in the stairway that led up to her flat. The stairway floors and walls were severely worn and cracked, but it was cared for and clean and lit by delicate, pale light. The decor was arguably the best part with funny little items hung thoughtfully on the walls.

I’ve seen this in other buildings, too—quiet, personal touches that say how much the tenants truly think of the space as home. And I’ve never seen it done or allowed anywhere but in these old buildings.

Berlin / Field Office

Berlin / Field Office

Berlin / Field Office

Berlin / Field Office

Berlin / Field Office

Berlin courtyard / Field Office

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