I was a bad photographer yesterday at the flea market in Mauerpark. I didn’t take even one photo of the oddities I held in my hands. The biggest non-purchase regret that I walked away with was part of a model train set. It was a 70’s style Deutsche Bahn building that had an “Ost” sign on the outer wall. There were four walls of plate ‘glass’, switch boards and two employees inside. I was pretty sure that we could find a way to hook up its wire to a switch, turn it into a lamp and give it to our friend, Michael, for a birthday present. But the guy who was selling it wanted a bit much for it and the electrical work necessary was beyond our capabilities. But now I’m thinking we should have gone for it. 

What I did photograph at the flea market was the pit stop. There are random pathways off of the main shopping drags that lead a person into little encampments. Here a cold and hungry flea market shopper will find huts built on sandy ground that sell wurst, beer and coffee. Fire pits are scattered about and seating consists of found furniture and objects. We sat on an overturned windsurfing board.

The sun peaked through the overcast sky twice. It was an intense gold light and then it was gone. To make up for the lack of sun the air in Berlin smelled all day like a mixture of fallen leaves, fire, food and coal ovens. Mmmm.