Nice news arrived over the weekend: one of my photos was featured on the Instagram blog. So a big thank you goes out to Instagram for the feature and a big boost in the number of people following the Field Office on our adventures.

It was an all-around fantastic weekend. We started at Marfa’s food truck the Food Shark with a lunch of falafel that was tasty but made me miss my Zweistrom. While we ate, Chet and his crew from The Daytripper started filming. We chatted a bit about what we are all up to (and yes, we have more films on the way even though it is taking forever). This kind of meeting is a good example of what makes Marfa special as a magnet for people from all over.

Took 67 south out of town. We drove along the Mexico/US border—the Rio Grande—on the tiniest, loneliest road you can imaging. It was so beautiful and so stunning because of its quietness and vastness; to be at the edge of two great lands is intense.

Napped at our place in Study-Butte, then rallied for what turned out to be a fun evening of dinner and music at the Starlight Theater. The band was from Alpine and the crowd was cutting it up on the dance floor. Anthony almost got crushed by a couple that whirled out of control and landed on him. He in turn fell back on me and I hit the wall. In the end, my beer still managed to stay upright on the table. Good times.

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