April 14, 2013The Distant Past

I do love little mysteries like this—I mean, who are these dudes my great-grandpa is hanging out with under a number of various photo shooting scenarios? Found in a box at my grandparent’s house, these are going to require a little sleuthing.


December 31, 2011The Distant Past

My dad found another box of stuff in the basement at my grandparent’s house. Going through it, we found a book from my great-grandfather’s funeral as well as his obituary and this letter to my great-grandmother from Podbiel, Slovakia—all of which spelled their last name as “Salus” (though I think that the letter on the … Read More

1936 Roadtrip

August 23, 2011Activities, History, The Distant Past

It’s the end of summer. There is a part of me these last weeks that has longed to be home, to go on a road trip, to be “somewhere in the West”—or at least have a valid Euro-driver’s license that would allow me to do a little adventuring. This road trip taken by my grandma … Read More

Fourth of July.

July 4, 2011The Distant Past

Last year’s Fourth was a scorcher; we picnicked in the Mauerpark with no shade. Afterwards, I went to a birthday party. It was one of those rare Berlin evenings when it stayed warm well past dark…and then a thunderstorm rolled in. Little did we know, but it was to be the beginning of weeks of … Read More

Skating party

December 17, 2010The Distant Past

The E. O. Zimmerman Residence, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1896. I love their coats. Photo: Minnesota Historical Society.


December 13, 2010The Distant Past

This weekend, while Berlin was being blessed with a sloppy melt, Minneapolis had an old-fashioned blizzard; 24 in (61 cm) by the time it was over.


December 7, 2010The Distant Past

Mound, Minnesota circa 1950 This is how we roll where I come from; let the babes loose in the snow and let them figure it out. And yet despite my lifelong training, I almost managed to break my head last night on the Berlin sidewalks. + Fisheye, macro, and wide angle lenses for your camera … Read More

New sheriffs in town

October 31, 2010The Distant Past

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, 1952 I saw a ghost from my balcony on Friday evening. Dusk was underway and no one was out—except for one really short, old-fashioned ghost (you know, the huge white sheet with cutout eye holes kind). The ghost was kicking its way through the fallen yellow leaves. I hadn’t seen any other … Read More

Out at the lake

July 8, 2010The Distant Past

At the moment, the talk of the town in Berlin is going to the lake: What lakes are the best for swimming? What lakes are the least crowded? Good questions because truth be told…I am a lake snob. My trip to the Schlachtensee a couple of summers ago reduced me to a deep despair. I … Read More