by Rebecca

Anthony came into my world with an Oympus XA in his back pocket. It is a point-and-shoot film camera, with which he is adept at capturing magical moments in a sneaky fashion. It is also a camera that my dad had when I was growing up. He let me use (read: take over) all of his cameras, so I recognized the XA immediately, kind of like someone I hadn’t seen in 20+ years. On this current trip home, I asked my mom if it was still around and there it was.

The gorgeous photographs that Anthony coaxes out of this little device made an alluring case for trying it out again. Also attractive was the prospect of working with film and the things that come with it; the need to be present and snap at just the right moment, the patience to wait to see the images, the imperfections, etc. And I’ve been feeling like I need to work from a different perspective and make myself think slightly differently about the things I am looking at and documenting.

So I brought the XA and a roll of film with me to Lake Superior and tried it out. I didn’t have the guts to leave my digital camera behind (I was using it to film the Field Report, afterall) but I wish I had. Maybe I am working up to that. Or maybe it is just good to do something different once in awhile.


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