I’d been following @thiswildidea on Instagram for a few weeks by the time we left Austin and started heading north. You might be familiar with Theron and his work via his coonhound, Maddie, of maddieonthings.com. I could tell via his photos that they were in the same part of the country as we were, heading south as we were heading north. So I sent him an email and asked if they’d be interested in meeting up. The meeting location was set for Bluestem Lake in Oklahoma.

A little while later, we turned onto a small road that wove through un-gated cow pastures and eventually to the shores of a very quiet lake. There we set up an impromptu picnic on the back of Theron’s truck. A couple of hours went by easily as we chatted. And took pictures, of course. We also participated in Theron’s project, This Wild Idea, in which he’s traveling across the United States for one year, meeting a new person every day and then documenting those meetings with sound and photos.

For those interested in the beloved Maddie, I can report that she is as sweet as she looks. A petite little thing, Theron can easily lift her onto the things she is photographed on. And there she gracefully and patiently balances until the photo shoot is over. Lovely dog and guy. It was nice to meet you, Theron and Maddie.

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