Tiny Diner Minneapolis
My goal these next couple of weeks (besides packing an entire house worth of stuff) is to enjoy Minneapolis as much as possible. For me that means its outdoor life because people who are cooped up for six months a year in sub sub zero temps are experts in making the most of warm weather when it arrives.

We landed late afternoon to gorgeous weather, the kind that requires patio sitting. So we drove straight to the Tiny Diner in South Minneapolis. Surrounded by its own gardens and a cozy neighborhood, the Tiny Diner specializes in using local produce from its own farm. Each month, they use a different regional diner culture to inspire their menu. This month was Wisconsin, so on offer were deviled eggs, a fish fry, and cheese curds.

I hope the weather holds but I’m also hoping for a thunderstorm or two!

Tiny Diner Minneapolis Tiny Diner Minneapolis Tiny Diner Minneapolis